Greatroom - small image 43.jpg Library 0322 crop.jpg Meadowbrook 0276 small.jpg Meadowbath 0281 crop.jpg Surrey 0247 small.jpg Surreybath 0267 small.jpg Fireplace Thanksgiving 802 small crop.jpg dining room 8-1-2010_01 small.JPG cherry tree  March 2013 0423 small.jpg Pasture-pony 0169 small.jpg post-lamp 0198 small.jpg MtHood 0216 small.jpg Sunrise 2015-10-27 96 small.jpg Sunrise 0219 crop.jpg Sunrise 0222 crop.jpg Mt Hood 2015-11-20 39 small crop.jpg carriagehouse 0236 small.jpg Mt Adams 2-1-2013 215 crop.jpg IMG_3220 small.jpg DSC01548 crop.jpg eagles 2015-12-07 crop 52.jpg Snow at 7950 RPR 12-23-08 13 crop.jpg Apple  10-16-11_04 small.JPG Carriage House with apples 2015-10-23 small_crop 77.jpg Maple  10-16-11_09 crop.jpg Hay June 27 2010 44 small.jpg Hay June 27 2010 21 small.jpg Hay June 27 2010 12.JPG Home Gallery pg2 Reservations and Calendar About us/Contact us Local interest and links
Library Nook
Meadowbrook room
Meadowbrook bath
Surrey room
Surrey bath
Great room fireplace
Main house dining room
Cherry trees in bloom
Pasture Ponies
Old tyme wrought iron
Mountain sunrise
Purple morning mists
Winter golden sunrise
Summer sunset
Mt. Hood
The Carriage House
Mt. Adams
Fields and barns
A visit from Mr. Tom
Eagle in flight
Barnyard snow
Apples in abundance
Ready to make cider
Fall color
Bales in the fields
Upper pond
Windrows of hay